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Enhancing businesses operations is at the core of what we do. LRQA has developed a number of valuable content pieces aimed at helping businesses of different sizes and sectors to find ways to improve efficiencies and business performance.

Business improvement at a glance

Business improvement is the provision of bespoke or customised variants of certification, audit, and verification services against individual organisational requirements and industry standards.

LRQA’s business improvement capabilities are wide; ranging from corporate and sector assurance, supply chain assurance, customised training and assurance, as well as risk management.

Customised training at a glance

LRQA delivers customised training solutions to meet your organisation’s specific objectives and needs in the areas of management systems design, risk management, performance improvement, and more.


Business improvement services to meet your unique requirements

Corporate and Sector Assurance • Supply Chain • Customised Training and Assurance • Risk Management

LRQA provides a range of business improvement services to help ensure that your training and assurance programmes are effective, efficient, and fully aligned to enable seamless operational delivery and performance – throughout your organisation and your supply chain.

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Business Improvement Services FAQs

The challenge of globalisation, changing customer requirements, legislation and technology means that worldwide, organisations are increasingly turning to business improvement services, underpinned with client specific criteria, to help them meet their organisational goals.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about customised assurance services.

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